Blog of a Newbie


Hello readers!

My name is Mel. Frustrated dancer, music lover, good sleeper, stress eater, travel dreamer, coffee drinker, teddy cuddler, forever a daughter and now hoping to become a good blogger. I am not a good writer nor a good story-teller but that’s one of the reason why I’m excited to be a beginner.

Basically, this blog will be just about ANYTHING I like to share with you. Whatever comes to my mind I guess. I don’t know where this will lead me or until when I could keep this up but as long as I have a brain to think, fingers to type and a heart to share, this blog will stay alive.

I am really hesitant at first to do this kind of thing because I’m afraid there will be no people who would be interested reading my blogs. But I realized that it should not be about how many views, reads and comments I could get in a day but how this thing will exercise my mind, how will this improve my language and writing skills and how will this help me discover myself more. Maybe this could unleash my hidden potentials that are not yet revealed to me. Whatever comes out of this will definitely be a milestone for me. But one thing is for sure. I will not spend my whole free time doing nothing but just browsing social network sites. I don’t mean I will not visit them anymore because I really do enjoy them. I will just manage my time wisely, hopefully.

I won’t promise to post everyday. I have a job and I’m not sure if I could share a thing when I’m too tired coming home from work or too lazy to spend time writing. I’m very sorry in advance. If you think my topics are senseless, please don’t mind reading for it will just annoy you more. If you find them entertaining, then thank you very much. Comments and suggestions will be welcomed especially the positive ones. Criticisms are also allowed but please don’t be too harsh because everything I will share on this blog are all authored with my personal views and knowledge about things.

If you are reading this post, thank you very much for spending your precious time visiting this blog of a newbie like me. I hope my future posts will also be blessed to be read by you.

To myself, welcome to a new challenging world!